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The screen is divided into three sections in which fluids and chiming spheres float and fall through changing gravitational fields. This is a strange and mesmerising meditation on the nature of matter, a painterly and dance-like work enveloped in a rich, immersive soundtrack.

This extraordinary film was made by taking a tank of glycerine, water and oil, and a box of Chinese health balls on a parabolic flight. Such flights are used at the Space Centre in Star City, Moscow for training cosmonauts to cope with extra-terrestrial conditions. The aircraft dives out of the sky in free fall, then creates forces of up to 2G as it climbs again. The alternation between heaviness and weightlessness has astonishing effects on people and objects.

As colours and forms mutate in response to varying gravitational fields we are treated to a surreal and sumptuous spectacle with haunting music generated by the sounds of the aeroplane and the harmonies of the metal spheres.